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GoTo Logistics (GTL) strives to evolve the nationwide logistics and fulfillment landscape as part of GoTo—Indonesia’s largest technology group. We believe in moving fast, disrupting existing technology and creating a lasting impact for our customers. While doing that, we aim to learn as we evolve to deliver the best possible logistics experience for sellers and buyers everywhere. We have two major divisions within GTL - Fulfillment and Delivery.

Fulfillment - As part of the fulfillment division, we strive towards storing your products with assured QC and customized services across all of our 10 warehouses spread across Indonesia, including Cawang, Cilincing, Logos, Pancoran, Pluit and Rungkut within Jabodetabek region while Makassar, Osowilangun (Surabaya), Bandung and Medan outside of Jabodetabek

Delivery - As part of the delivery division, we work as a logistics aggregator and our aim is to provide affordable and reliable delivery services across Indonesia. We use our own fleet as well as leverage our partners' fleet to ensure the orders are delivered to end users at cheapest prices maintaining fastest delivery speeds in the logistics industry.

We deliver orders including both B2C (fulfilled from our DTs/ hubs) and C2C (fulfilled directly by sellers) orders, covering inracity/ intercity/ inter-island operations. For all these orders, we provide end to end tracking from pick up until end customer delivery.

Across both these order types, we operate at varying SLA speeds and hence prices, ranging from instant 2-hr deliveries, to same/ next day deliveries to long haul deliveries which might take up to 3-4 days (regular/ economy/ cargo services). Our services are priced in a way so as to ensure customers get the best services at the cheapest possible prices, without compromising on the quality of the services offered.

Pan Indonesia coverage

10 warehouses spread across different parts of Indonesia


Huge storage capacity

Storage capacity ranging from 200K to more than 3 million items per warehouse


Regular storage

All items not requiring any special care can be stored here


High value storage

High value storage to store highly valuable items with 24X7 security


Cold storage

Cold storage to low shelf value items like dairy, pharmaceutical, beauty products, etc.


Pallet storage

Pallet storage to stack bulky products in dedicated areas

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